MeterJet Spray Guns-23623-31-pistol de stropit Mărește

MeterJet Spray Guns-23623-31-pistol de stropit

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MeterJet Spray Guns-23623-31-pistol de stropit

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MeterJet SprayGuns-23623-31 -pistol de stropit


The MeterJet spray gun is designed to
deliver a precisely metered volume of spray
solution for low pressure spot applications
of agricultural chemicals. The adjustable
metering assembly allows the applicator
to discharge precise volumes from 1 to 16
milliliters with a single pull of the trigger.
Release of the trigger automatically
recharges the unit for the next dosage.
The MeterJet spray gun will accept
all TeeJet® spray tips for many types
of applications.

  •  Available with AA31 GunJet spray guns.
  •  Adjustable scales to accurately set volumes to nearest 0.1 ml.
  •  Charge indicator provides positive verification of full pressure in chamber.
  •  Maximum operating pressure of 75 PSI (5 bar).
  • Minimum pressure of 25 PSI (1.7 bar) to charge unit.
  •  Optional spring for low volume
  • applications available.
  •  Inlet connections available in 1/49 NPT or BSPT (F).
  •  Wetted parts: Nylon, Teflon®, brass and stainless steel.


  • How to order:
    Specify part number.
    Example: (B)23623-31

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